Stay afloat.

Buoyant is a base protocol for recurring payments built on Solana.

On-Chain Subscriptions

Trade Subscriptions

Tokenized subscriptions allow you to trade on open markets. Sell a 30-day subscription after 20 days. Buy a 10-day trial for cheaper.


Participate and get compensated for upholding Buoyant's renewal mechanic. Focus on building your product, not subscriptions.

Wicked Fast

Recurring payments aren't possible on high-fee layer 1 blockchains. Solana's speed and low costs enable novel on-chain primitives.

Subs not dubs.

Buoyant is built by a team of hackers from Illini Blockchain, a blockchain student organization at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Follow us on Twitter @buoyantprotocol to stay up to date with our progress.